Puretouch® FAQs

What is Puretouch™?

Puretouch® is a self-adhesive antimicrobial surface wrap embedded with the active ingredient Microbic™ AMS001 which prevents the growth of microorganisms. It is designed to adhere to touch points to help keep them safer in-between cleanings and provide peace of mind that surfaces are safe to touch, encouraging a return to normal business and a healthier environment in the office, schools, hospital, hospitality and travel. 


How long does Puretouch® last?

Puretouch® antimicrobial films are designed to remain active through 3 months depending on usage. We recommend replacing facility touch point skins every 90 days (quarterly). In some high traffic applications they may need to be replaced more often. Performance of the product does not depend on external agents such as light or other chemistries to work. Normal cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces protected by Puretouch® do not deactivate effectiveness. You should continue your normal cleaning and disinfection routine.  


Does Puretouch® contain harmful chemicals?

No, the active agent Microbic™ in Puretouch® have been used safely for many years to control the growth of microorganisms. Tests are carried out in UK test labs to ISO 22196 (antibacterial activity) and to ISO 21702(antiviral Activity). These are globally accepted tests for antimicrobial surfaces and are designed to quantitatively test the ability to kill and inhibit the growth of microorganisms and actively reduce all coronaviruses.


Will using Puretouch® replace cleaning and disinfection?

No, Puretouch™ is to be deployed at key touchpoints to provide an extra layer of protection. It does not replace normal cleaning or sanitization practices. You should continue your normal cleaning and disinfection routines.


How do I know that it works?

Puretouch® antimicrobial surfaces feature Microbic™ active ingredients and are tested to the internationally recognised standards ISO 22196 and ISO 21702 to ensure surfaces effectively inhibit and control the growth of micro-organisms as well as actively eliminating any still attached to the surface. In tests measuring the antiviral activity (ISO 21702) the Puretouch® surface shows that the Microbic™ has a 94.38% reduction. While in tests measuring the antibacterial activity (ISO 22196) the Microbic™ has a 99% reduction of bacteria and 95% reduction of all coronavirus over 24hrs .


Is Puretouch® effective against Covid–19?

The Surface treatment on Puretouch® self adhesive wraps is Microbic™ AMS001. This is a surface technology that is tested in UK test labs to ISO 22196 and ISO 21702. Specifically ISO 22196 is globally accepted as a test for antimicrobial surfaces, it is designed to quantitatively test the ability to kill and inhibit the growth of microorganisms.  This gives important protection against various bacteria such as ECOLI and MRSA. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is an enveloped virus. The ingredient used in Microbic™ AMS001 surface technology is tested by the substance manufacturer to prove its effectiveness against envelop viruses.